Nathan prefers a format of informal experiential and participatory discovery through example, imitation and group discussion. He does not offer lectures or "classroom" style training. 

He is available to facilitate learning in the following categories:

  • Subsistence and commercial hunting, trapping, foraging and fishing techniques and equipment
  • Optimal foraging strategies
  • Off-grid problem solving
  • Primitive technology (shelter, fiber work, friction fire,lithic tools (flint knapping), hide tanning, weapons, traps, etc.)
  • Sailing (expertise in monohull fractional sloops)
  • Group discussions on numerous topics ranging from animal behavior to philosophy and practice

If you would like Nathan to attend your participatory learning experience, please contact us.Nathan does not require any kind of payment, and only requests that you provide him with a means of transportation to and from your location. Donations to our community fund are greatly appreciated, but not necessary.