Nathan Martinez is available as a consultant for movies, documentary films and archaeological experiments that require expertise in the following:

  • Lower-middle Paleolithic evidenced and hypothetical technology, foraging strategies and hunting tactics
  • Optimal foraging theory
  • Oldowan, Acheulean and Mousterian lithic tool manufacture and usage
  • Microblade technology
  • Fire by friction (hand drill)
  • Large game processing with stone tools
  • Fur-on hide/pelt processing with stone tools, chewing and other unconventional methods 
  • Thrusting spear and atlatl/woomera manufacture and usage
  • Early hominid nests and hypothetical shelters
  • Hypothetical Neandertal and Mesolithic clothing

Nathan draws on a variety of inspirational sources to bring to life the subsistence strategies and technology of our earliest ancestors:

  • Hunting tactics and technology of contemporary and historic hunting and foraging societies (Coahuilteco, Paiute, Inuit, Chichimec, Huaorani, Aché, Yaghan, Yąnomamö, San, Hadza, Mbuti and Aboriginal groups of the Australian Western Desert)
  • Chimpanzee and orangutan technology
  • Hunting tactics of chimpanzees, lions, wolves and African wild dogs
  • Visual cognition and reasoning

Past Work:

SHUMLA Archaeological Research and Education Center, 2005 - 2012 (primitive technologist, rock art recorder)

Fertility Groove Marks and Cupules in the American Southwest and Northern Chihuahua Desert, Cara Connolly (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), 2010 (experimental archaeologist) Link to original paper

Man vs. Wild, Season 4 Episode 4, Texas, Discovery Channel, 2009 (consultant)

Curiosity, Season 1 Episode 9, I, Caveman, Discovery Channel, 2011 (consultant, trainer)

3 Days on the Cross, Final Vision Films, 2017 (Asher Saenz, consultant)