We have now acquired a small plot of land in New Mexico. The land is 4 miles from National Forest and 1.5 miles from BLM land, both of which allow year-round hunting with an inexpenisve small game or nongame license as well as seasonal trapping with a license that is more expensive for nonresidents.

The land is open for subsistence hunters, trappers and foragers to visit and camp on, and our long-term goal is for it to serve as a base camp for a small semi-nomadic foraging community. By spring or early summer of 2020 (whenever the roads are dry enough for access by 2wd) we plan to construct a rainwater collection system, fur shed and emergency shelters. Visitors should be aware that the land currently has no infrastructure whatsoever and is very difficult to get to, particularly in winter or after thaws or rains. For those with transportation, a high-clearance vehicle with 4-wheel drive and snow chains will be required. For those on foot, we recommend that you have (or acquire) experience with winter camping and appropriate gear, as winter will bring heavy snowfall and temperatures that near zero. 

We only have a few requirements for anyone who would like to visit the land or stay long-term:

  • Mentally prepared
  • Like-minded
  • Physical fitness adequate for walking 6 to 10 miles in winter conditions (in case of emergencies or vehicle break-down)
  • 18 years of age or older or accompanied by a parent
  • An in-person meeting

In addition, for those who wish to visit or stay on the land prior to Spring 2020, we require experience with winter camping, cold-weather survival or mountaineering. For those who do not have experience, we will provide an opportunity for experience at no charge to individuals or groups whenever we are able to do so. These experiences are costly to facilitate and time is precious, and we therefore require that those who are interested demonstrate that they are trustworthy, reliable and seriously dedicated. These qualities are carefully ascertained through online correspondence, in-person meetings and a subsequent period of observation. 

The vision for the community is one of pragmatic and primal anarchy: no rulers, and no artificial rules as much as is possible. Community visitors should be aware that our values include hunting, polyamory and naturism (when the weather allows for it). We ask only that you do not trash the land, cause wildfires or start trouble with the locals. Be safe, be smart and live life to the fullest!